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Airport Transfer & Shuttle and Taxi

There are two airports in Cappadocia; Kayseri Airport (ASR) and Nevsehir Airport (NAV). Kayseri takes about 1 hour and Nevsehir about 40 minutes from Kelebek Hotel. Nevsehir Airport is the newer and also the better organized airport out of the two; hence we recommend flying into this airport if it fits your schedule. We operate airport transfers for both Kayseri and Nevsehir airports and for all incoming and outgoing domestic flights.

Note: We have airport transfers to all domestic flights

Except: for flights earlier than 07:00am and no later than 23:00pm. For those flights you may take private transfer which is 80 Euro for up to 6 people.

Public Shuttle Service for Kayseri Airport (10 Euro per person) There is also Public Shuttle Bus service between Kayseri airport and Kelebek Hotel. The rate of the public shuttle is 10 Euro per person for all the domestic flights. This shuttle will drive you and many other guests between the airports and the hotels in Cappadocia. Some of these hotels will be at different towns and the drive can take up to two hours.

Airport Transfer & Shuttle and Taxi
How can I book a transfer?

Please send us an email (to [email protected]) with your transfer request (direct or public), flight number and number of people coming. We will book your transfer and inform you with email. Our driver will be waiting you at the exit gate of the airport, holding a sign bearing your name. Even if your flight is delayed, he will wait for you.


You may also get a taxi on your own from both of the above airports to our hotel.