About Us


Perched above the quaint village of Goreme, The Kelebek Special Cave Hotel offers magnificent views over the village, and to the valleys and mountains beyond.

Since 1993 We Provide the Best Service In Cappadocia

Kelebek Hotel was built in 1993. It was the house of the owner Ali Yavuz. It first started as a guest house and had 4 rooms available. Over the years, Mr. Ali Yavuz expanded the guest house by combining it with the other houses around it. He did the restoration himself, and currently Kelebek has 35 rooms. Some of the rooms are very unique as they were carved into the caves. Few of the rooms were carved during the 8th century by the early Christians who ran away from the Roman persecution. 

Kelebek has stunning views of the valleys and the town. Goreme National Park, is located in the heart of the national park where our guests can watch the hot air balloons from most of the rooms and terraces. Kelebek has a swimming pool, a Turkish bath & sauna, an a la carte restaurant. It is about 5 minutes walk from the town center. Most of the valleys and Goreme Open Air Museum is within walking distance. 

Kelebek offers concierge service where the hotel guest can book all the activities including balloon rides through the reception. All our staff speaks English and Kelebek offers everything a family business can. Our sister hotel Sultan Cave Suites has a famous rooftop for balloon watch where Kelebek’s guests have access to. Moreover, there is a fine dining Anatolian cuisine, Seten Restaurant that is located next door.

Our mission is to provide an unforgettable experience where our guests feel like home, enjoy all the amenities that a five-star hotel can provide. While we provide a comfortable stay in a very unique location we always highlight the local culture and traditions. Our hotel guests get a chance to join activities like grape harvesting, cooking classes etc. Partnered with our travel agency, Goreme Kelebek Travel, we provide all these cultural activities in our valley where we have an organic and traditional Anatolian farm.