Daily Cappadocia Tours

Daily Cappadocia tours are organized by Turkish Heritage Travel and you can find further information on their Cappadocia Tours page.  

Ballon Flights


The Standard Balloon Tour offers a 45 minute to one-hour flight in the air. You will be collected from the hotel early in the morning, usually before sunrise, and driven to the take-off site. After a light breakfast, you will watch the inflation of the balloons, then it’s time to climb into the basket and the highlight of your Turkey trip begins! After the flight lands, there is a small celebration with champagne and you will receive your flight certificate. You will be driven back to your hotel around 08:30 am, just in time for breakfast. Then you can choose to join a daily tour or take a nap. There will be a maximum of 20 people in the baskets.  Please contact us for prices of Standard Balloon flights from various companies.


Butterfly Balloons is different from all the other companies offering what is called the “Butterfly Flight.” You get a minimum of 1 hour to 1 hour 15 minutes flight time, which is between the standard and deluxe flights described above.  Basket sizes are also to your advantage between 12 to 16 people per basket.  Butterfly Balloons is the most popular balloon company in Cappadocia, and its operation is more boutique style with fewer balloons flying daily compared to most companies.  Since it offers fewer balloons and is the most popular balloon company, we recommend early booking for Butterfly Balloons as they usually get booked up weeks ahead during the high season (May-October).  Please e-mail for price and booking.