Start your day with the most beautiful valleys.

          Join Ali Yavuz for an organic breakfast grown on his farm in the Valley of the Kings. Ali is owner of one of the first cave hotels, the famous Kelebek Cave Hotel. He is an historian of Goreme and explains from personal experience Anatolian life and farming before tourism came to this UN World Heritage Site Village.

          This memorable tour starts with a unique tractor driven wagon ride above the town of Goreme. You travel through the fairy chimneys and past fantastic views of the surrounding villages and magical valleys. You arrive in the middle of the stone wilderness and descend hand made steps to a peaceful organic farm owned by Yavuz’s family for 400 years. A delicious organic breakfast made from fresh fruits and vegetables grown in the garden, eggs taken from the chickens and ducks on the farm, and home made jellies,jams, and local honey is served.

          Explore the garden and learn about traditional Turkish breakfast foods. One of the best parts of the tour is just enjoying the serenity of the Valley of the Kings, an area that tourists have not yet found. Explore the landscape and lifestyle of old Cappodocia. After breakfast, you take a short hike up to the wagon that resembles Noah’s Ark, and return to Goreme seeing the land with new eyes.

          It is an experience not to be missed and will take you back to how life used to be in Anatolia, the heart of Turkey.

          ​PS: The price is 15 Euro per person for Kelebek Hotel guests and 25 Euro per person for guests staying at other hotels.