Join us for a day celebrating the bountiful harvest in Cappadocia. Grapes have been cultivated for centuries after the locals villagers discovered a symbiotic relationship between the volcanic ash soil and pigeon droppings. Grapes are harvested by hand then pressed in ancient stone basins - the juice is cooked down into a special grapeseed molasses called Pekmez.

Pekmez is the elixir of life in these regions - used in many dishes and desserts, as well as for good health and a strong immune system. Learn the harvesting techniques used by the locals for generations and the unique open-fire methods of making Pekmez in an active day to remember.

The rate is 50 Euros per person and includes a traditional valley lunch, the grape harvesting participation, pressing the grapes, making Pekmez and a bottle of local wine.

The day begins from Kelebek Hotel at 08:30 with a breakfast in the valley - after breakfast we will stay in the valley to start our harvest and Pekmez production, with a hearty lunch during the process. The harvest day ends at 15:00 with return transportation to the Kelebek Hotel and a bottle of local wine to take with you.

Reservations can be made before you arrive via email [email protected] or at the reception desk upon arrival.

Please Note: This is a seasonal activity offered in September and October only